Custom Application Development

Sometimes, a custom application designed specifically for your business can give you a serious competitive edge. At Aphelion, we work with companies in a variety of verticals to create custom applications for a variety of purposes. When you need an application with a specific set of functions that isn’t available in the wider market, we can work with you to engineer exactly what your company needs through custom application development.

Cloud-Based SaaS Solutions: A Scalable, Cost-Effective Option for Businesses

At Aphelion, we focus on becoming a premier Microsoft solution provider. We develop customized Microsoft cloud-based products, structured in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Using Xamarin and our robust knowledge of the .NET framework, we’ve developed many successful customized SaaS applications for companies.

Our products are primarily targeted for Microsoft SharePoint and the Microsoft Azure platform. We act as a MS Azure solution provider because Azure’s impressive cloud platform is consistently improving over time, which is why we choose it so often for custom application development.

Serving Companies Around the World

Need a custom application, created specifically for your needs by world-class software development teams? At Aphelion, our goal is to serve you as best we can, with custom applications carefully tailored for your exact use case. To find out more, contact us any time.

Our Products

A cloud-based, affordable and modern solution for property management companies of any size.

A cost effective solution to extract and download any file attachments from Lotus Notes Application.

A SharePoint integrated mobile application to perform commercial facilities survey on the go.

We deliver on time, on budget

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