Business Process Automation

What if you could cut costs on a wide range of mission-critical business processes by completely restructuring your use of labor resources? Business process automation is the way of the future. As software and hardware continue to advance, applications that previously required manual input can now be completely automated. A wide variety of formerly manual and paper-based business processes can be automated and digitized, doing away with the need for staff that handles these functions.

Integrating and implementing new software solutions can dramatically reduce your labor expenses, eliminating manual and paper-based clerical tasks that previously required dedicated staff. Employee salaries are one of the biggest sources of overhead for any company, from small businesses to massive multinational corporations. Business process automation empowers companies to make the most of their existing IT systems, expanding their capabilities to handle a wide variety of important tasks.

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Our Areas of Expertise

At Aphelion, our experienced IT staff has expertise in the following areas:

  • Microsoft InfoPath.
  • SharePoint integrated forms
  • SharePoint list customization
  • SharePoint integration with other software applications
  • HTML/CSS-based responsive forms design


We work with companies of all sizes to implement new software systems, integrate and optimize existing IT resources, and initiate business process automation solutions that can greatly reduce labor expenditure.


Why Implement Business Process Automation?

Business process automation has a number of very real benefits over using human staff to handle manual paper-based tasks.

  • Reduced labor expenditure. Many companies have successfully used business process automation to remove numerous employment positions that were previously filled with paid staff. Automating clerical and data entry processes can allow for significant restructuring of labor resources.
  • In many cases, software systems are faster and more efficient than people at handling these formerly manual tasks. Software doesn’t get tired or sick, nor is it limited to normal working hours.
  • Environmental concerns. Reducing your business’s reliance on physical paper can help promote sustainable use of natural resources.

Start Automating Your Business Processes Today

Say goodbye to clerks filling out paper forms, and hello to ultra-efficient, cost-effective software solutions. To find out more, get in touch with one of our helpful representatives.

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