Property Inspection Mobile App

Property Inspection Mobile Application

A mobile application for facility managers who surveys commercial facilities. Usually, facility managers are out in the fields surveying properties by collecting data on paper or with a heavy laptop. Many times they are in remote area where there is no internet. Our application addresses all these issues.

This application allows collect data using any mobile tablet tablets. Once you are in a data coverage area simply sync data while sipping a coffee at a coffee shop. The application is designed to sync with SharePoint list or MS SQL based custom application. We help you setup and integrate our app to SharePoint or custom application at no cost(some condition applies).

Main features


Available for iOS, Andoid and Windows tablets


Integration with SharePoint or SQL based web application


Works offline


Photo Synchronization


Cost effective

This application is designed with industry standard facility survey forms. If you still need further customization, we can gladly help you out with no charge or affordable cost. Please contact us for a live demo.

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