Our Projects

Here are some of the projects we have successfully delivered to various clients and those might catch your attention.

Investor portal, real estate investor portal

Investor Portal

A fast, reliable and secure way to offer investment properties to investors. An automated system like this gives 24/7 access to the available offerings and capabilities to analyse and choose investment opportunities with all relative information with few  clicks. This portal allowed our client to offer investment properties to their investors multiple times a month, which increased their revenue by 100s of thousands of dollars. We have built two investor portals for two line of business.


mobile application, cross platform mobile

DealRun Mobile

This mobile app allows mortgage brokers to submit deals viability data in less than 30 seconds and receive a rapid response on deal viability. Deals can be submitted through all of the popular mobile smartphones and tablets.


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property inspection mobile application, facility survey application, building survey application, building inspection application, condo inspection application

Property Assessment Mobile Application

Property Inspection could be a daunting job specially when inspection data needs to be logged in paper or excel based application. A mobile application could eliminate all these hassles allowing inspectors to submit data on the go. This eliminates double data entry and make data readily available for reporting. We have built this cross-platform mobile application to perform property assessment and submit collected data on the go, to SharePoint, for reporting.



Deal document management, transaction document management

Deal Document Management

A central repository system to store brokerage deal information which has replaced paper based document storage saving cost & time, increasing efficiency, collaboration and transparency. This SharePoint application offers real-time user security check between two different lines of business application. One being SharePoint and other one is Oracle based deal system.

valuation and advisory software, valuation and advisory service software, valuation and advisory management software

Valuation and Advisory Services (VAS) system

A SharePoint 2010 solution for appraisers to use in their valuation analysis. It allows them to import data from Oracle database and manage data from SharePoint.


transaction management, transaction record management

Transaction Record Management System

A central repository to manage brokerage transaction records. This application has replaced excel based transaction tracking system with automated approval work-flow.


project time tracking software sharepoint

Project Time Tracking System

This application allows project managers to manage their weekly project times and allows projects administrators to generate reports on cost and times. This solution is based on SharePoint 2010 and Infopath.



SharePoint Portal

An internal portal to increase collaboration between employees, departments and share ideas. This is based on SharePoint online which integrates data from various sources such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and business data from SQL tables. It portal is the central point of all day to day activities of the company.


tank inspection system, fuel tank inspection software, oil tank inspection system, tank management mobile application

Tank Inspection System

Tank inspection is a time consuming and daunting job especially when it is in remote area. Collecting data in papers and later entering in the system is inefficient. Tank management system is developed to collect inspection data using mobile devices and then generate on demand reports based on collected data. This complex application is based on Nintex, SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server Report Service (SSRS).

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