A trusted Canadian software development company to deliver fast, reliable and affordable cloud based applications. At Aphelion, we value our commitment over anything else. We thrive to grow with your trust. We believe our success lies in yours and we would like to achieve it together, with you.


Office 365

Be more efficient and collaborative with office 365. Experience seamless document and email access across devices at anytime, anywhere. Let office follow you. Find out how.

Process Automation

Are you snowed under with paper? Did you just lose last year’s contracts and tax receipts to a flood in the basement? It’s time to automate and digitize your processes. Let us help. 

Mobile Development

The whole world is going mobile. You don’t need to be tied to your desk any more. People are making decisions by tapping on screen. We can help you do the same.

Custom Development

We’re focused on service‑oriented product development, based on Microsoft cloud technologies and ASP.NET. If you have a special need, give us a call. We’d love to help.